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The Campus Virgin (Part 1)

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Default The Campus Virgin (Part 1)

I had dislocated my shoulder in an obstacle course and developed a “trick” shoulder. It would always be falling out of socket – very painful. I was stationed at an airbase in Missouri (1970) and I was sent to a VA hospital in St. Louis for surgery. Post-surgery, my arm and shoulder had to be kept immobile for a couple of weeks before I could begin physical therapy. They put me in a plaster horse collar that went down my chest and was fastened to my wrist. It was kind of like a plaster sling. I couldn’t take it off, and the weight of it kept my wrist down by my bellybutton. They released me to go wherever I wanted and I decided to go up to Minnesota where my high school buddy was attending college. I was unprepared for the lax co-ed arrangements in the dorms, but thought it was pretty neat. Everybody was shacking up with somebody. That’s where I was introduced to Sweet Sue, the campus virgin. Her innocence was well known to all the students. She wasn’t particularly pretty, but not a bow-wow (pardon the politicly incorrect ref.). Red shoulder length hair, very pale skin, medium height and a decent body. There was a definite simplicity about her. I wasn’t particularly drawn to her at first. She was just there, one of many of my buddy’s friends I was being introduced to. One evening a bunch of his friends came together in his dorm suite to smoke pot and get stoned. So we were all lying around listening to heavy music, which is what you did back in those days before cable TV and videos were invented. I was sitting in a bean bag and Sweet Sue was opposite me. Lights were low and we were playing footsie and at some point I had worked my foot up under her. I don’t know what I was thinking, because I was pretty toked up, but at some point I was getting turned on and I pushed my foot up into her crotch. To my surprise, she made no move to remove my foot, so I dug my toes into the soft part of her vagina. Again, I was meeting no resistence, so I pushed harder and wiggled my toes. I was in pretty deep and getting very aroused by it. What I was doing had to have been very obvious to her. My bed was in an adjoining room belonging to my buddy’s suite mate who was gone for the weekend, so I had it to myself. I got up and took Sweet Sue’s hand and led her to my room. I didn’t know what I was going to do because of this plaster noose. Not too sexy, and it left me with only one free hand. I layed on my back and she snuggled up next to me. We started to neck and I pulled her so she was half on top of me. Again, the noose was a major impediment. Feeling her up was very difficult. Everything was difficult, but I managed to get my free hand down between her legs and was fingering her very, very wet pussy. Her whole body was melting into mine, it seemed. I could have done whatever I wanted with her, only I couldn’t move. She was moving rythmically against my hand and moved her hand on top of mine to push it deeper into her begging cunt. She was masturbating against me and went through several cycles of orgasms. This went on for a long time, and finally I told her to unzip my jeans and undo my belt. I was heading for massive blueballs if I didn't do something. She did whatever I told her and reached into my briefs. It was I’m sure her first ever contact with a dick. I had to guide her every step of the way, but she was in school to learn. Take it out. Squeeze it. Stroke it. I had to tell her everything to do. Okay, now put it in your mouth and suck on it. She complied, but since porn hadn’t been invented yet, had no clue about how to give head. I mean, it was okay, but I couldn’t get my hand free to push her head down, so she just kind of slobbered around the head and didn’t take the shaft in. Finally I stopped her and said, take your clothes off. Again, she complied and I gazed at the most amazing body. Her creamy white skin glowed in the dark and she had very nice, but not large, breasts. 34B’s with faint pink nips. I ran my free hand all over her, squeezing her breasts. She shuddered and drew closer. With a grip on one breast I lifted it up to my mouth and started to suck on the nipple. She leaned in appreciatively and I ran my hand over her gorgeous ass. My God, what a nice ass is was. I had discovered the treasure of the campus! She had been reserved just for me. What a turn on that thought was. And she wanted sex, I could tell. She was giving herself completely to me. I knew nothing about sex slaves and dominance/bondage, but Sue was my slave. So I told her to straddle my face and go down on my cock and suck it. I pulled her wonderful ass down and her pussy melted into my face. My free hand was gripping her breast, she was grinding my face and sucking hard on my dick (a fast learner!) and I exploded in her mouth. It totally caught her by surprise and she choked on the cum. She got up awkwardly, grabbed a blanket to wrap herself and ran to the bathroom coughing. She came back and we fell asleep, me with a beautiful naked girl draped over me. (I will continue this in another post: Part 2)
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very hot man, she indeed sounds very sweet and sounds like she had a great bod too... Looking for part 2
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Good catch! Better than a campus slut imo
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Wink hot

Good hot story.
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