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My first time

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default My first time

I have been holding back on telling this story but i might as well let it all hang out. When i was young..lets leave it at that i had this uncle who was the much younger brother of my dad and he had this girlfriend Tammy and they got married. Lets just say the were the same age and under 30 but over 25 and about 10 years older than me. My uncle Bobby was really pretty cool and made money many ways including car repairs which he did at there place which was a farmhouse they rented but the farmer still used the fields and Bobby would let me help and taught me and paid me. One evening after we were down i was greasy and Bobby went for beers and Tammy had not come home yet from wherever she was. I went in and showered in their bathroom and came out into ther bedroom to towel off. Now, Tammy who was my aunt then by marriage though..keep that in mind was a hot little countyr girl that even wore the straw hats and tight little cutoff jeans like i did and she was nice and thin and tall maybe 5'9" or so and had a great ass and nice but average size tits and she was tanned which always turned me on.
I was dried off with my clothes on the bed and standing neear the dresser and saw this photo of Tammy stuck in the side of the mirror. It was small and i looked close as i had not remembered seeing it before and it showed her curled up on the bed with her straw hat in hand in front blocking her tits but you could see some and she was naked smiling and WOW she looked hot. I started to rub my cock and then i noticed baby oil on the dresser and i put some on my dick and was slowly masturbating looking at her picture and i must have been so engrossed i didn't hear her come in the house. I heard a noise at the door and i looked. I had left it open and tammy was standing there looking at me and then leaned against the door silently and just eye balling me. I felt this chill go up my back and i was scared but i had my hand on my dick and as i have said before here i have ok length at a little over 8 " but i am very thick like a cucumber and she just leaned against the door without saying anything and was looking at me. I Saw her kind of lick her lips a little and then she said in a soft voice..don't let me stop you and then she oh my little d..thats what she called me even though my name is Derek ..maybe i should call you BIG D and she giggled kind of and i was starting to rub my cock again and she watched for a few seconds and then slowly leaned away from the door and said i'll let you take care of business and slowly turned and closing the door walked away. For a minute i didn't know what to do and i couldn't think but i couldn't keep masturbating and i took a fast cold shower, put on my clothes and hustled out past her saying i had something to do. I often stayed over there but i was embarassed and it took a few days to show up again to help Bobby but she was cool and didn't say a thing about it.
What came about a month later was something i will save for next week. But i will tell you that Bobby went out of town for a couple days to go to a car auction thinming he could pick up some cars to work on and sell and it led to Tammy being my first.
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Getting caught can sometimes not be a bad thing ... even if very embarassing haha
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