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Shirley at the drive-in

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Shirley at the drive-in

Back in those days the drive-i was a fun place to go and fuck. I have a nice custom van now and have always loved them and at that time my ride was an old Ford van i had fixed up to be a fuck wagon. It loved it and it had those bug eye looking head lamps and i put shag carpeting in it including walls and ceilings and had some big pillows like you would find on couches in it. It sounds cheesy and sleezy now but back then i loved it. I had been with Shirley twice and we were very comfortable with each other and looking for ways to play and one day she asked me if i wanted to take her to the drive-in in the next town over the following night. She made sure i worked earlier in the day and i don't know what she told her husband to get out at dark when he was still home waiting to go to work but she figured it out and i met her in a grocery store parking lot. She pulled up next to me and got in my van and she had her white outfit on from work. Looking at her in it you knew she had a nice average body but when it was off and her nice full tits were in view she was more than average and i was turned on knowing i was the young stud she picked to fuck. Before we got to the window to pay at the drive-in she snuck into the back and got under a blanket. They usually didn't check though and it wasn't about the cost of ticket. She didn't want anybody to see her and we made sure to get there after the movie had started and it was dark. I pulled into a spot in the back row to the far side. In those vans there is a big engine cover between the two front seats and as she came forward in the van she stopped just behind the cover covered with shag carpeting of course and asked me to unzip my pants which i happily did. She slowly crawled up and leaned over and began to fondle and then suck my cock for a minute and then pulled back and said you don't want to watch the movie do you kind of smiling and laughing lightly. She said she was thirsty so i went to the concession stand and got two soft drinks and when i came back and got into the front seat i looked in back and she was laying there naked with her legs crossed kind of on her side and said SO want some of this and we were both laughing as i jumped the engine cover and got naked myself. I was hard as soon as i was on her and she sucked me good for a minute or 2 and i fucked her in the missionary position with her legs spread high and wide for a good long time..maybe 15 minutes as she came the first time and i was balling her so hard driving down into her the van was doing that rocking motion that they did and anybody that could see it knew somebody was getting it good ! lol
After that first fuck we both felt great and relaxed and i was laying on my stomach and she was running her hand over my back and ass and plying with my balls a little and i was getting worked up again and she maneuvered into a 69 position with her on the bottom and as i licked her pussy she was licking my balls and shaft and running her tongue in my ass crack again and i was going nuts. I turned and mounted her again in the missionary position and this time she did something nobody ever had before. As i fucked her slowly she gently put a finger in my ass and worked it in and as i fucked her slowly i had the deepest orgasm i ever experienced and flooded her with my CUM and after i pulled out she licked my dick clean asking me if i liked it. HELL YES..LOL..and she explained what she had done to me and why i came like that. She told me how good it felt to feel the rush of all that CUM inside her and that my friends was just the beginning of what was to come.
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