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Wife's First Gangbang

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Talking Wife's First Gangbang

I did the web site for a pro-am porn actress and her husband and got
invited to a big party at their home. There was always some pretty wild
going-ons at their parties. Her movies always had several scenes with
her being serviced by at least half a dozen guys.

Our housemate was also going to the party. The housemate, my wife and
myself had all enjoyed glorious three way sex many times and we had
enjoyed other couples and singles being with the three of us. This time
it was something totally different. Our host had told us there would be
some couples and several single guys there including some of the black
porn actors. We all looked forward to the party. My wife shaved her
legs and pussy till they were perfectly smooth and was trying to decide
what she was gonna wear -something casual, very sexy and easy to
remove. As we prepared to leave, my wife said she was looking forward
to the expected activities and that she hoped she got a chance to be
the center of attention at least once. The housemate and I agreed with
her wholeheartedly! We both really enjoyed watching my wife being
fucked and used by other guys and planned to indulge myself at this

The party began in the afternoon outside at the pool and was expected to
last into the nite. There were some couples there when we arrived and a
couple of single guys. Nothing out of the ordinary, party chitchat,
flirting and the single guys were friendly to both members of the
couples. No pressure or any sort of pushiness. Most of the folks were
out by the pool but one couple was inside the house. Several of the
guys went inside, including our host, so I wandered in too. A woman was
sitting in the office area and chatting, laughing and drinking with her
husband and several guys. I went back out, saw our housemate and nodded
my head. He realized immediately what was going on and we joined the
group inside, standing outside the office. The woman soon was the
center of attention. More about her another time.

As the party continued, guests arrived and left and as day wore on,
there were now more than a half dozen couples and more than that many
single guys. Almost everyone was now in the living room. You would not
of guessed there was anything unusual about the party at all. I went
outside by the pool and talked with our housemate and a couple that
wanted the housemate to fuck the female half. After a few minutes I
went back in to get another drink. When I did, I noticed several guys
chatting with my wife. When she saw me she motioned with her head to
indicate she was going to the part of the house with the bedrooms. I
nodded back and followed her and several other eager guys into a small
back bedroom that was empty except for a dim light and a foam mattress
covered with a couple of sheets.

When we got there she asked if there was something to drink and someone
went to grab her a beer. She sat down on the mattress and began to
massage her own breasts, rubbed the crotches of a couple of guys and
kissed one of them. He touch her gently and she let out an audible
moan. Several hands touched her and she closed her eyes with a big
smile. The hands soon were fondling her breasts and thighs and within a
minute her top was off and the shorts followed quickly. She has
fondling three or four guys and soon was jerking off guys cocks. I
really wanted to just watch so I stayed towards the side.

Our housemate walked in and saw the scene. As soon as my wife saw him,
she motioned for him to come to her. She didn't wait a second, she took
his cock out and stroked it till he was semi hard and went down on him.
The hands were all over her body, paying attention to her nipple rings
and her pussy. She pushed the housemate down onto the mattress and
sucked his cock while she got in the doggy position. One of the guys
took the rear position and I could see her eyes widen as he entered her
very moist pussy. She had a cock in each hand as she was being fucked
while sucking on the housemate. He moved so that another guy could take
his place as the half dozen guys all found ways to stimulate my wife.

She was in heaven as the guy continued to fuck her harder now. She had
three guys in front of her and took turns stroking and sucking their
cocks. I was enjoying this scene tremendously. She obviously enjoyed
being the center of attention. The guy behind her let someone else take
his spot while he rested. Someone else got in front of my wife and she
stroked him with her hand and then used her mouth. She serviced the
three guys in front and others waited for their turn in the driver's
seat. I watched my lovely wife getting fucked by half dozen guys with
several others watching and enjoying the scene.

At one point she stopped sucking and said she wanted to mount someone.
In a microsecond someone was beneath her and the circle of guys closed
in around her. It was very nasty to watch her being serviced by two
guys and her giving head and hand jobs to two guys on each side of her.
She was moaning and repeating how good it felt. She would occasionally
let out a muffled scream with a cock down her throat.

I couldn't see what the two guys were doing but it looked like they were
taking turns fucking her pussy. One of the guys getting sucked was
about to shoot his load and she gobbled his cock as he did. I decided I
wanted to get a closer look and moved into one of the groups in front
of her. On my knees to the side of her, I could see a load of jizm all
over her ass and back. As the guy she was riding came in her pussy, she
was sucking on my cock. She would suck each guy for a while and stroke
two cocks with her hands. She wanted to take a break to catch her
breath so we shifted places while the guy beneath her moved.

She rolled over on her back and the guys spread her legs wide. Somebody
started eating her while I watched and waited for her mouth. She was
cumming like crazy from the guy's tongue. The other guys were face
fucking her, her screams were muffled by the cocks shoved in her mouth
and down her throat. One guy shot his load as she deep throated his
cock. A guy with a cock that looked like it was at least 10 inches
long, took the place of the guy eating her. He just slammed it right
into her pussy and within three strokes she was screaming again as the
guys continued to face fuck her mouth and throat. The guy with the big
cock came hard after a while and the cum was flowing out her pussy now.
Another guy took his place and started fucking her as he sat on his
knees and by taking his cock out of her pussy, began rubbing and
teasing her clit with the cum covered head. Another guy who had been
face fucking my wife came on her face and hair. Someone tossed in a
towel and a guy wiped her eyes and face. The guy fucking her sped up
and came deeply in her pussy.

My wife said she needed a couple of minutes break and the guys went
'Ahhhh' in unison. My wife laughed and said she'd only be a minute and
would be right back. I knew she would. She was really loving this. She
had this almost starved look in her eyes - like she could not get enuff
and would do anything to get it. And that was exactly how she acted.
When she returned, she began telling everyone that she would let them
use her anyway they wanted. And that she wanted to be fucked by
everyone as many times as they could. She was their fuck toy and should
be treated like one. She was really getting the guys worked up as she
talked and played with some of their cocks. She said she wanted to feel
two cocks in her pussy. The guys just went berserk. They grabbed her
and pushed her into the doggy position again. She was back sucking
cock and jerking dicks.

Guys who had not fucked her yet were playing with her ass and rubbing
their dicks against her, leaving cum marks all over her ass and hips.
One guy had his dick in her pussy now and she was really starting to
get off from the rough treatment she was getting. I wasn't worried -
she was 5-8 and around 140 lbs. She was built for being fucked hard and
long. And that's what she wanted. The guy fucking her was slamming her
as hard as he could and she was screaming "Harder! Fuck me harder!". I
knew she was gonna be an animal later on. The guy started cumming and
he pulled out of her pussy and put his cock up against her ass and held
it there as the cum started squirting into her ass. She loved it. She
normally wasn't that fond of anal but now she was up for anything.

Another guy, with a very big cock, got behind her now. He was rubbing
his cock against her already full pussy and was able to get the head of
his cock into there. I knew I wanted to watch this and wanted her mouth
on my cock, too. I told her so, as the guys pushed further in. She took
my cock and rammed it down her throat, my balls against her lips. The
two guys had gotten her pussy really spread and were now both fucking
her. Her mouth was incredible on my cock. She was cumming now and I was
letting her work my cock however she wanted. It felt so nasty and I
loved watching the two guys fuck the hell out of her. My cock felt like
it was gonna explode and I grabbed her hair and shoved her head down.
She didn't care and I kept her head as far down on my cock as possible.
I started cumming and she never even flinched as my jizm went straight
down her throat. I thought I was gonna black out for a second but
didn't. IT was that awesome.

I rolled away and another guy took my
place. I grabbed a soda from the kitchen and returned to the back
bedroom. It was so crowded in there now I had to stand in the doorway.
It was so damn awesome to watch all these guys doing whatever they
wanted to my very slutty wife.

She was still getting fucked by both guys and they were jamming it in as
hard as they could. She just let them do whatever they wanted. The guy
in back started cumming and he did the same thing as the previous guy
did, only he put the head of his dick against her ass then jammed the
head into her. He was cumming hard into her ass and this feeling set
the other guy off. She had both dudes cumming in her at the same time!
She was frantic with desire even after this kinda of fucking. Our
housemate had gotten into position behind her and saw me
watching in the doorway. He said something like

"she's the sluttiest wife anybody has ever seen..."
and he probably wasn't that far off either.

She was still going strong and I
knew she wasn't done yet. She was taking some deep breathes and
screamed, "FUCK ME HARDER!!" several times. She was not gonna wanna
stop even after a dozen guys! The housemate was ready to cum and he was
banging his 6-5, 240 lbs body into her pussy as hard as he could. He
actually let out a yell and started cumming into her as she had a
couple more orgasms . They both collapsed into a heap, out of breath and

What a performance from my wife! Several guys complimented her as she
lay there still breathing hard. If they had been ready, I know she
would have started fucking them. My incredible wife had fucked at least
every guy in the room once and most of the guys twice. There were at
least a dozen guys in various stages of recovery after fucking my wife.
Her entire body and hair were completely soaked with sweat and semen.
Cum was still just pouring out her ass and pussy as she rested on the
mattress which was also drenched. She finally got the energy to get up,
kissed me and our housemate, then walked out of the bedroom, heading
for the shower. A dozen guys lay in her wake, completely done in by
just one woman. It looked like a damn hurricane had blown thru the room.

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"she's the sluttiest wife anybody has ever seen..." Would you consider her to be a nymphomaniac?

Btw, did I read that correctly, she had 2 dicks in her pussy?
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You are a man to be envied, Bucky. Welcome aboard! How recent was this?
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Had to reread this one. Man! You must have had a pad & pencil taking notes. A camcorder would be so much more efficient. You said this was her first. Have there been more since? How old is your wife? Tell us, tell us every juicy detail. Pictures make the moment last. She will get off watching herself get gangfucked, I promise you. And send me a link to download it.
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FartherIn wrote:

> Had to reread this one.

I take it that you must of liked this story...

> Man! You must have had a pad & pencil taking notes.

Actually I was blessed / cursed with a rudimentary form of eidetic memory. what people think of as photographic memory. My brain absorbs information, facts, figures. I do great in history classes. My brain is also works in a dull plodding fashion so I work exceedingly well with computers.

On the other hand I have no spatial memory. I also can't spell anything without seeing it written down by brain just overflows with useless data and trivia. If you ask me what time is it, I'll tell you how to build a clock

> A camcorder would be so much more efficient.

Yeah, esp. considering at time I worked for a porn director and were at the party in his home where my wife had her first gangbang... He had video cams all around us,

> You said this was her first. Have there been more since?

my wife loved the entire GB experience so much she could not wait to do it again. We arranged several more cluster fucks for her immediately but none ever quite matched that first one in terms of the orgiastic intensity or number of participants.

> How old is your wife?

57 now but she was 45 at that time,

> Tell us, tell us every juicy detail
OK now please keep in mind this women was incredibly spoiled after we lived with our regular threesome partner for more than four years. She was an extreme submissive i9n bed and a true pain slut with more than 20 yrs participation in BDSM activities. Her pain tolerance could only be measured using the Richter scale. She was a girl from New Jersey, making her tougher than a platoon of US Marines.

She loved to be used for sexual gratification and one day she announced to me and our housemate that she wanted to be trained to serve as our 24/7 sex slave. We all had fun with that one! Our goal was for her to be able to fuck as long as possible and want to do it any time with an unlimited number of participants. So just like any other marathon athlete we focused on systematic increasing her sexual stamina and her libido. Her sex slave training was the reason she was could out fuck a dozen guys

She also could have an extended orgasm that lasted an entire minute. (no shit - google "status orgasmus") And most amazing was how she would loose count of how many orgasms she had after 50 or so and after fucking all night long and well into the next day, .she would still be really horny! I doubt if there really is a true nymphomaniac but this woman was abso-fucking-lutely insatiable. When she got really worked up her capacity for sexual pleasure seemed infinite. The dude in the wheelchair, Steven Hawkins, could write books about her sex drive.

Check this out - this very same woman was only 21 and when we got married and she could only have one orgasm a week! After she came, her pussy was so overly sensitive that further intercourse or any sexual stimulation was painful. We were married for several years before she could cum twce,

> Pictures make the moment last. She will get off watching herself get gangfucked,
> I promise you. And send me a link to download it

Yeah i worked in the online video business for a decade. I worked for mainstream content providers but I also worked for porn stars who were known for large object insertion, anal and vaginal fisting, and multiple penetration by many simultaneous partners. I even worked as a member of the video production crew. On one memorable video you can hear the director and myself talking about a difficult actress. He complains to me ho she wont keep her fists out of her

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Thumbs up Wow.

That sounded like fun, but that's too many guys for me. Even on a good day, when I was much younger.-------Ann

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What an amazing scene! I have fantasies of being gangfucked and totally stimulated by multiple guys, although this was pretty intense! I'll start with 2 or 3 guys, methinks... and then maybe work my way up after that! LOL Thanks for sharing an awesomely inspiring, fucktastic story!
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Default Holy Fuck

This made me cumulate ALLLLL overmy dog's face. And then I came some more as I watched him lick it off. Mmm. Yummy poochie..Then I had my friend come over and we had butt sex. Delish...

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Damn good story! :
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gangbang, party, slut, wife

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