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Blind date hook up!

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Smile Blind date hook up!

There is a very attractive lady, Tina, at my office that works in a department that has a lot of interaction with mine. She is married and about 30. She has taken a non-sexual interest in me, like she is a big sister/mentor or something. Her and her husband are both UGA alums like me and invited me to some of heir tailgates last football season and I got to know some of their friends. They’ve also invited me to meet them and friends after work for drinks at different bars.
Recently while meeting with her on a project at work she bluntly asked me if I’d been “getting any lately” since my most recent girlfriend broke up with me at Christmas. I was surprised and kind of embarrassed but told her the truth that I haven’t had a date or hooked up with anyone for the three months since though I had been trying in vain to hook up with a girl from the gym. She said that she has a really cute friend I should meet. Trusting her judgement I agreed. Later that day she told me to meet them for drinks at their favorite sportsbar.
I didn’t know what to expect but was optimistic. My previous girlfriend of about 10 months, while very good looking with a great body, was quite conservative, too conservative! She attended church regularly, dressed nicely but not provocatively. She did drink and party a little and we did have sex fairly often but she and she was conservative and routine in bed too, and would sometimes express guilt about having premarital sex. I think one of the leading factors of her breaking up with me was my desire to have more and wilder sex with her along with the fact that she did not think I was wanting to take our relationship to a stronger commitment level.
I arrived at the bar and found Tina and her husband. There was another couple with them that I had met before and they were already drinking and had ordered appetizers. As I was ordering a beer I noticed a really hot long legged blonde making her way to our table. Tina and the others all new her and gave her a hug then Tina introduced me to Darla. Darla it turned out graduated college at the same time I did. She had gone to a large commuter university near Atlanta and was working at a large accounting firm in the city. She had a great smile with a lot of personality and confidence. Darla was wearing some really tight black pants that are form fitting to her legs even around her calves and ankles, almost like leggings, heels and a shiny blue tight blouse. She obviously had a breast implants, her blonde hair was in a short cropped style that curved toward her chin and was very short on the back of her neck exposing a floral design tattoo. She was very sexy and just damn good looking!
We all had a few drinks and laughs and Darla seemed to like me. Darla announced that she was celebrating because she had just passed the CPA exam and we all congratulated her and raised a toast. Darla and I went to play some of the video game machines. While there she asked if Tina had told me anything about her and I told her that she had told me nothing. Darla told me that she had worked as an exotic dancer and paid for most of her college. I was actually very turned on by that. Soon the little party was busting up as everyone needed to head home before we got smashed and couldn’t drive. Darla asked if I wanted to come by her place a few blocks down the street. Of course I did and followed her to her gated apartment complex.
We sat on her sofa and had another beer while we talked and soon we were passionately tongue kissing. We were making out quite heavy when she started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it and my undershirt off. She started kissing my neck and my chest and tongued my nipples then she slowly kissed and licked her way down my stomach until she got to my jeans. She had slid down on her knees in front of me and unbuckled my belt and then tugged hard at my jeans pulling them off almost violently then she snatched my boxers off me and undid and removed her blouse and bra.
Then Darla grabbed my erect cock an squeezed her tits around it sliding them up & down on it then she took her tongue and started at my scrotum wiggling her tongue back and forth and slowly made her way up and all around my balls and then up the length of my cock until she reached the head and then slowly back down again. Her skill was amazing and I was moaning in ecstacy. She then started licking and nibbling at the top of my cock and took the thing into her mouth and deepthroated it. Oh my! It was all I could do to resist exploding in her mouth.
She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom and pushed me on my back onto her bed. She stood in front of me and pulled off her pants and thong panties revealing a sexy diamond shaped trim job, a clit ring and a rose tattoo slightly hidden beneath and peeking out of her very short trimmed pubic hair. She crawled on top of me and buried her pussy into my face and just moaned out “lick me!” My tongue thrust into and around her very wet pussy and I used my fingers to pull her lips apart in order to tease her clit with my tongue. She kept grinding her pussy into my face until my chin and nose were all wet with her juice. She then lay down on me and kissed my lips and face tasting her own juice. She slid back down on me and crouched over to take my cock in her mouth again and got it very wet then she raised up enough to lead my cock into her her pussy as she slid back down onto it. She gave me the most devilish grin and kind of laughed leaning down enough to give me a big sloppy tongue kiss as she ground on my cock. She then sat up and started bouncing up and down on me taking my cock in and out of her. Damn she was wet! She kept talking to me as she fucked me and moaning about how good it felt and I was telling her the same.
Her pussy got so wet that my balls were soaking wet and I could feel the wetness making its way down my balls into my crack and onto the sheet beneath. after a few minutes of this she said for me to fuck her doggy. I got up on my knees behind her and slid my cock between her soaked pussy lips and started fucking her from behind and looking at the tribal motif tattoo on her lower back. She was so excited and yelling out, “fuck me! oh god, fuck me!” and “yes! yes! yes!” over and over! She felt incredible — so wet and yet tight! Her skin and muscled body looked so hot under a shimmering layer of sweat as she bounced with my every thrust.
I felt like I was going to cum soon as she said to me, “turn me over and fuck me missionary like a good church boy!” I laughed out loud and she laughed to. I gave her ass a slight swat and said “on your back!” She immediately obeyed laughingly said “yes sir!”and spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy lips were soaked and swollen and I could easily see her little clit standing up. I pushed my cock into her and she grabbed my head and face and planted another big sloppy tongue kiss on me and we tongue wrestled as I was thrusting into her. She grabbed my head and held her forehead to mine as she stared deep into my eyes and talked dirty to me telling me to “fuck her good and make her cum.” She slid one of her hands down and stared fingering her clit area as I fucked her. Soon I could not hold back anymore and shot her full of cum. (I remember thinking that I sure hoped she used birth control.) She must of read my mind and told me that she was on the pill not to worry. She laughed and asked, “you didn’t give me an STD did you?” I assured her that I didn’t.
She asked if I wanted to go again and I said “damn right!” We had another beer and sat naked on her bed talking until I felt like I was good to go again. She got on top of me and fucked me until I came again! We lay on her bed with her head on my chest and I asked if she had cum and she said that she came twice, the first time when I was on top of her and she was fingering herself and then when she was on top the second go round.
We made plans to get together over the weekend!!!!
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I think you've found a wild one man hehe Good stuff
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I think this will help you get over your ex. Good boy!
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Too right, nothing like a new one to help get over the old
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