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I made his wife my wife..

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default I made his wife my wife..

I was in my mid 40's and tiring of casual sex as i did at times. No stranger to divorce and never able to keep it in my pants i thought maybe this time would be different. I had this customer, a big one and my contact was a guy named Terry. He was a big irish fun guy with a drinking issue. He loved to go with me sometimes and even had me over and we went to dinner with him and his wife Arlene once or twice. Arlene was a modest but very attractive poilsh girl maybe 5'6" and a nice build, dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She had nice legs and from what i could tell a nice rack but she dressed very conservatively and was basically a housewife but was a volunteer at a local hospital. The first time i met her was when i met them for dinner and she had a very modest but nice dress on and when we met as i looked into her eyes i was instantly attracted to her. She was pleasant and easy to talk to and i wondered how she ever got with this loud hard drinking Irishman.
That night and everytime we got together he would get plastered even when they had me to their home for dinner or a barbeque and she seemed so ashamed of his behavior. I would often have to help her get hime to their car if we were out or to bed if we were at their place and a couple times she just let him sleep it off wherever he was lying and often after he psssed out we would talk and we were getting close.
I knew she was very unhappy and i liked her alot and was very attracted to her. One summer night it was very very warm and he had invited me over and she made steaks on the grill as we sat on the patio. He was constantly sending her for another scotch and being a little rude to her i thought. I don't know why he didn't appreciate her. She reminded me of June Cleaver, the protypical very attractive wife who kept the home imaculate and made dinner every night and probably was great in bed.
Arlene always wore a dress and looked very nice and this evening she had on a summer dress which was as hot as she ever dressed and i was turned on watching her move about bringing him his scotch and offering to refill my drink. I was kind of turned on seeing her and she was in her bare feet. Arlene never let anybody wear shoes in the house and she was going back and forth so much she just didn't have any on. Hours went by through dinner and Terry was getting hammered as usual and the more he drank even though she tried to get him to stop the faster he seemed to guzzle them down and send her for another. You could tell when he was about gone because the jokes and stories he told one after another were trailing off to near silence as he drank and he finally passed out sitting up in a lounge chair while i sat in a lawn chair next to him on the other side of a little table. She came out with another drink to see him passed out and rolled her eyes and went back in to pour the drink out in the kitchen sink. I WILL admit it. I was horny and Arlene and i had become very close and she had even confided in me that she regretted not having children but Terry didn't want any.
I walked into the house to see her at the sink and heard her crying lightly as she washed out the glass and i walked up behind her and put my arms around her and told her it was ok.
She turned and enbraced me putting her head in my shoulder and crying but not balling then she pulled back still holding me and looking into my eyes saying i am sorry...i wiped the tears from her eyes and cheek and told her she had nothing to be sorry about and she deserved better than this. It all happened very quickly after that. We stood gazing into each others eyes and hers were moving like questioning and like she was yearning and we both knew we wanted each other and we knew he was passed out and would not awaken easily. I had my hands around her waist and i started to run them up and down her back and i leaned down and kissed her and she accepted and returned the kiss. Then i said softly to her lets go to bed and she looked at me deeply and then let her hands free and walked toward and down the hall as i followed her. She walked slowly and with assurance like she had been waiting on this and was ready as i followed her into the bedroom and closed the door behind me locking it just in case. Once in the room Arlene turned to me and took both my hands in hers and took a few steps back toward the bed as our eyes were fixed and at the bed she stopped and dropped my hands and then lifted off her summer dress. She had a much better body than i had even imagined her to have as she stood there in a lacy white bra and panties and then she helped me lift off my shirt and undid my belt and stepped back unhooking her bra and dropping it as i finished taking off my pants and briefs and socks and she layed back on the bed with this longing look in her eyes. We had not said a word to each other, we really didn't need to and as she layed there she pulled off her panties and layed there naked and waiting. She was fair skinned but shaved for the most part and her tits were nice and firm and stood out even laying down pretty well and her nipples were starting to be come erect and visible. She was not afraid or gawking as many women had done at my size. Maybe Terry had a big dick too but she would not be this willing if he was giving it to her. I got on the bed with her and we enjoyed quite a bit of foreplay with our hands roaming each others bodies and we gave each other oral pleasure leading up to very passionate and hungry ses which must have lasted more than an hour and savoring each other in multiple positions. She was as erotic and great a lover as i ever had and much more passionate than you might think just seeing her in her daily life. After that night we had an ongoing affair for a few months as we fell i love or lust and she asked for a divorce and we eventually married. Of course i lost him as a customer but luckily he never told my employer. I am not sure if why but i couldn't make that marriage work either and strayed and the marriage only lasted 1 year.
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Perhaps it was Karma that prevented the marriage to last...
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