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Default Step Dad And Friend

I had slept in late at my mom's house one day, and I awoke to the sound of two men talking. I recognized one as my step dad, marty's, voice. The other I had to listen to carefully. I still couldn't recognize it. I was abou to walk out of my room, but I heard the two of them walk down the hallway, and into Marty and my mom's room.

"I really needed this," Marty said.

"Me too," the other man said. I heard a belt being taken off, and I wanted to know what was happening. I quietly walked from my room, into the hallway, and down to their bedroom door. I was wide open, so I slowly took a peek.

My step dad was pantless, and sitting up on the bed, the other man was shirtless, and had his hand around my step dads penis. I watch the man jerk my step dad off for a couple of minutes, and the he let go.

He removed his pants, and Marty removed his dress shirt, and tie. Both men were naked, and I still couldn't believe my eyes. I kept staring at the other mans shaved penis, and tan testicles. The man with the shaved penis got on his knees, on the bed, and my step dad came up behind him

"Let's hurry. We have to be back by 1:30," the man on his knees said. I looked at my watch, and it read: 1:02pm.

"Okay," my step dad said, applying a lube to his penis. He moved into the man, and grabbed the man by his hips. The man reached down, and grabbed his penis. It wasn't erect yet, so he stroked it with each pump. He let go, and he swung down.

I was incredibly horny. I am not gay, or anything, but sex between anyone is liable to turn anyone on. Plus I have a thing for tan people, and this guy was really tan.

The man reached back, and grabbed Marty's ass cheek, and said, "so are you still working on the Allen case?"

"No," my step dad panted. "He took the money, and ran."

"That's too bad," the man's voice quivered. "It would have paid a lot."

Marty started pushing deeper, and said, "yeah, I'm pretty-" moans, "upset about it."

"I'm still stuck with Podeski on the Denver case," the man said. He winced in pain, but then smiled, and said, "he has a small penis."

They both laughed. Marty's face went blank, and he moaned loud, then said, "did you fuck him, too?"

"Yeah-ow," the man said. "I gave him a handjob a couple of weeks ago, and he wanted more. Reminded me of you when we first met."

Marty sighed long, and said, "Let's go to the wall."

They got up, and the man leaned on the wall, and my step dad took him from behind.

The man started talking again, "I know this case won't pay much."

"How do you know? Move your leg."

"Because Podeski is an idiot. How's that?"

My step dad pulled away, and pulled the man back to the bed. I could finally see his penis clearly. It wasn't completely hard still. He sat on the edge of the bed, and Marty started jerking the mans penis.

"Podeski is an idiot, but he's good at what he does," my step dad said, getting to his knees. He started sucking the mans penis. The man was finally hard, and Marty stood up.

"I guess," the man said. He laid back, and Marty straddled him. He held the mans erection still as he guided it in himself. He was bouncing, and the bed was squeaking incredibly loud.

"I wouldn't mind working on something with Gavin," My step dad said. "He get's everything done quick, and his cases pay the most.

"I don't know about you, but I definitely worked on Gavin before," the man said, laughing.

"Gavin's gay?" Marty moaned between the words.

"Well, he let me blow him a few months back, but that's it."

"So you're just the office whore?"

"No," the man reached up and grabbed my step dad flabby chest and squeezed like they're boobs. "I just like fresh meat."

"Hurry up, and cum," Marty said. "We only have like 10 more minutes."

"Don't worry about me," the man said. "It takes you longer to cum anyway."

Marty pulled off, and wet 'thuck' sound occurred. "Roll over," my step dad said.

The man did, and begab talking as Marty entered him, "I think Kelly knows we have sex. When we went into the conference room when I gave you that handy yesterday, she saw us walking out."

"Who care's. She's probably jealous," Marty said.

"Never mind that. Cum, man. We need to get back," the man said.

Marty grabbed the mans ass, and the man sighed full of pleasure.

He started to chant in a girlyish voice, "cum, cum, cum, cum."

"Lets stand again, but not against the wall," Marty said. The two stood. The man bent and tried to keep his balance. His entire body was shaved. Legs, ass, armpits, penis. He actually looked like a girl in that position, except his penis was bouncing up and down with each skin-on-skin slap. His belly-button was pierced with a ring that shimmered.

"Oh, remind me,"-squeals like a girl,- "to call Amber Rimirez when we get back. I forgot to do it this morning."

"Okay," My step dad said. "Talk dirty, dude."

The man mimicked a girls voice, "'Oh I like you're cock,'" and laughed. He continued, "cum in me."

"There," and my step dad pulled out. The man quickly spun around, and wrapped his lips around Marty's erection. He said, "mmm," and got up after a few seconds.

"Finally. Let's go," the man said.

"You don't want to cum?"

"Do we have time?"

"Like 5 minutes," Marty said. "Just do it, man." My step dad laid face down on theedge of the bed, and the man took him from behind.

"Just hold still, I'll be quick."

My step dad sighed like a girl everytime the mans penis entered him, "hu, hu, hu."

"Do you want me to cum in you, or what?"

"Just tell me when, and I'll eat it."

The man started going quick. "Not so deep," Marty said. The man started breathing quickly, and then said, "Okay."

Marty rolled over, but was too late. The man let loose. There wasn't a lot of cum. Most just dribbled out, and landed on my step dads thighs. One spurt landed on his actual penis, and another shot a little further and landed just under his belly-button.

The man got on his knees, and licked the cum off of my step dads soft penis, and said, "Ours taste the exact same."

"I noticed that, too."

The two got up, and both walked to the bathroom. I ducked out of the doorway, and watched them enter the bathroom together.

"I like how you shave," Marty said. "Kelly shaves, but not completely."

Hearing my step dad talk about my mom's shaved vagina kind of ruined the mood a little.

"I should start shaving," Marty continued.

"Do it," the man said looking at his own shaved area. "I'll tell you right now, i'd suck you a lot more if you did. Hair is such a turn off."

"Yeah, I'll do it tonight. Lets get back, man."

"What are you doing later?" The man asked.

"I'd say lets get together again, but I know Kelly smells the cum on me. When we were first dating, we went to Styx concert in the park over on Heritage, right? I saw this, like, twenty year old kid. I told Kelly I had to take a piss, but I actually gave that kid my first blowjob in a shitty port-o-potty. When I got back, she literally asked me if I had given a blowjob. She can spot shit like that."

"I remember my first blowjob," the man towelled his dick, and then followed Marty into the bedroom. "I was 13."

"You have me beat," Marty said.

They dressed, and walked back down the hallway, and left the house. I was so mind blown by what I just watched, that I literally did nothing the entire day, until everyone came home.

I never looked at my step dad the same way, again.
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