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Default Waxing

Okay I lost a Superbowl bet with a girl I've been seeing on & off casually. Since she won she wanted me to get a male Brazillian wax. Damn Colts!!!

So she finds this spa owned by two women & makes all the arrangements. Dont know if they normally do guys or if they thought it was funny? So I go in for my appointment. Both girls look to be anywhere from 28 to 33 & good looking. The brunette takes me to a back room & tells me to undress & get on the table. She doesnt leave the room but instead is getting the wax ready. Now on the table nude she tells me to get on my knees & elbows. She applies the wax in my ass crack. Embarrassing but not painful yet. After this she applied some talc to the spot even rubbing it in gently. This got me semi hard.

Now she has me lay on the table. She takes my dick in her hand & applies wax to my balls and rubs it on. I've become completely hard in her hand. After gently tearing the hair off my balls or at least as gentle as possible she applies more talc and rubs them gently. She asks how I'm doing. I must be blushing by now but say I'm ok.

As she starts applying wax around my dick and moving it around to get all the angles in walks the other girl. She starts talking to my waxer as if I wasnt sitting there naked & hard. Before she leaves she looks at me & says it's looking good. The waxing or my dick? I dont know.

After waxing all around my dick & applying more talc she starts getting stray hairs including ones on my dick. She has her face inches from my dick. I apologizes for being full on hard. She smiles & says it actually makes finding the strays easier. After she's done she puts talc on my dick & rubs this in gently. She grins & says she must be careful so I dont get too excited.

Before she's done she hands me a little mirror to check out the work. She says she thinks it looks good & asks what I think? I get bold & ask if she means the waxing or my dick. She laughed & says the dick definetely looked good. I thanked her & said the waxing looked good too.

She left me to dress. When I walked out both girls were at the counter. My waxer must have told the blond what I had said because she smiled at me & said it definetely looked good to her too & then winked at me. They both told me to come back.

I didnt mention everything to the girl I'm seeing. I told her how embarrassing it was & rather painful. It was sort of painful.
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Damn right it would be painful. I dunno how you managed it. I don't think I wanna try it though, so good on ya!
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I Have done this before to because I lost a bet. It was real cool afterwords but it def is a pretty painful process. I would recommend trying it at least once haha.
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