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Trading for the rent money

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Trading for the rent money

I was in my mid 20's and living in this townhouse. My unit was adjacent to the woman who owned the place. Her name was Connie. A widower in her early to mid 60's i would guess. She was a nice woman and acted younger than her age. Her husband had passed away years ago. I never had sexual thoughts about her but she did make comments at times about how loud it was the night before when i had company and she used to tease me about wearing myself out. She had an tough side to her and i was always late on rent. She was ok looking for her age but had some weight on her. She used to sunbathe once in awhile on the back porch and i had seen she had a butterfly tattoo on one breast and they were big breasts overflowing out of her one piece bathing suit. She had a little belly and bigger butt but it wasn't too bad for an old lady except for her cellulite on the back of her upper thighs. She didn't do anything for me really and i had never tried to have a woman her age.
I was sitting in a chair out back on the concrete small patio having a beer and she came over and was ticked but in a friendly way said i was 2 months late on the rent and asked me what i was going to do about it.
I gave her some BS story and she was saying thats all fine but she wasn't running a charity. I just fessed up saying i didn't have it and didn't know when i would. Hell, i partied my money away and she probably knew it. She got kind of serious and said maybe we can work something out and i had a feeling about what she meant though i said how ? She said..i get husband has been gone a long time and i get lonely. If you want to come over and spend some time with me we could work something out for the rent money. To be honest i was shocked at what she said. I always imagined a girl giving it up to a landlord but mot a guy let alone me with an old lady.
She suggested i take a shower and she would get ready and i could come over for some margarita's. I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't pay the back 2 months rent and i thought well you got to do what you got to do to i went over to her place about an hour later. She made the drinks and we had a few..and she was warming things up. She had on a white blouse with the buttons open an showing her massive tits in her bra and she said i am going to get more comfortable and casme back down after a few minutes all perfumed and in a white nightie. Her body really wasn't that bad for her age. She had a bit of a belly but she was in reasonable shape for her age and she had short blond hair though it looked bleached. She did sunbathe often and she was tanned but you could see tan lines on her tits. I remember thinking she had big nipples and they were light brown. She asked me to finish my drink and i did and then as i sat on the couch she started to put her hands on me and try and get me excited and she kissed my neck and then my mouth. I remember she had a large mouth and it was wet sloppy kisses which don't really turn me on but i tried to put it out of my mind. I just started to think in my mind just give it to her so i took charge and started to feel her up. She was only wearing the top of a nightie and was bare down below an i remember thinking i was surprised a woman her age was shaved. I put my hand down there and she was super wet and moaned to my touch. Even though she didn't turn me on in the past i began to feel real horny and wanted to fuck her good.
I was wearing cut off shorts and a t-shirt and stood up taking them off and hearing her say something like OH MY...when she saw my semi-hard cock. I took her by the hand and as i pulled her off the couch i said come here...and i led her to the small kitchen and layed her back on the kitchen table and stood above her using my hands on her tits massaging them and then put one hand down and rubbed her pussy before putting one then two and then three fingers in her finger fucking her pussy ans she was sloppy wet and i could hear my hand moving in and out of her wetness as she moaned. I felt in total control of her and she had her legs raised and spread as i took my cock in hand and slapped her pussy with it and running it through her wet lips and just the head of it in and then out over and over and she had her hands on the edges of the table and was moaning and moving her head from side to side and her breathing was short and fast. I was saying is this what you want this what you want and she was saying yes..ohh..yes..and i pushed all the way in and held it there as she moaned loud. I can't express how powerful i felt at that moment stroking in and out of her slowly holding her by the hips as i thrust harder to keep her body from sliding away from me on the table and she came very quickly squirting as she grunted. I was not close to coming yet and she sighed as i pulled out and i helped her off the table and we walked back into the living room and i had her get on her knees on the couch and as she looked through the sheer curtains of the front window i got behind her and fucked her from behind for a few minutes. It was very exciting knowing someone driving by might see and i saw her tits bouncing in the reflexion of her in the window as i humped her hard and then came inside her with my arms wrapped around her. I remember it felt great to feel my dick throb and shoot inside her. I got up and stood on the floor as she turned and got off the couch looking down at my sloppy wet dick and then she put her hand on it stroking it..she was so horny..i bet she hadn't been fucked in years. She eventually got on her knees and sucked me to full mast again and i mounted in her in the missionary position right there on the floor and banged her good and she was making all kinds of sounds and saying what a big dick i had and how good it felt in her. After that day i never paid rent again and lived there for 5 more months before getting a better job and moving. I know she was real sorry to see me
I fucked her at first a maybe 4 or 5 times a month for the first couple of months. It was fun and whenever i was horny i could go nextdoor and get some and i liked making her feel good. I even showed her a couple positions she had never tried before and she even let me fuck her ass and she liked that more than i thought she would. She liked to give oral too and always swallowed which always made me feel
By the time i was close to moving we were only fucking maybe 2 times a month and i was still dating girls and she had this older man that had moved into another unit that i think liked her so it all worked out.
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lol great business
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Smile Wow!

Mark used to collect rents when we were young and hungry. I don't think he ever made a deal like you did.
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