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Mother and daughter

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Default Mother and daughter

I have talked with other guys that dream about having mother and daughter and always wondered why they thought it would be so hard to have both. I have done this twice in my life. Once even involved my girlfriends daughter and her friend. I have never done any mother/daughter play together but had mother and daughter twice and it wasn't hard to get it and i wasn't even looking for it. It just happened.
The first time was when i was in my mid 20's. I had graduated from college but still didn't know what i wanted to do for sure and was driving a truck locally for a company. I had clocked out and was headed home and stopped at a little dive bar i had a beer or two at after work sometimes. I was in my typical jeans and boots that i was wearing alot back then and i fit in well with the country redneck crowd that frequented the bar. I walked in and sat down at the bar and there were only a few people in the place mostly seated at the bar.
I was always horny in those days and sat down next to an older woman sitting there with a beer and smoking. I had seen her once before. She was maybe in her early 50's and real thin. Not that good looking with black hair and a pale complexion but she wasn't horrible. A typical middle aged barfly. I said hey how you doin and in a raspy voice she said good sugar how are you. Just fine i said as i ordered a beer and then i offered to buy her one which she accepted. I was real thirsty and drank mine down fast and i saw she downed hers almost as fast. She must have been there for awhile because she sounded slurred in her voice and her eyes looked funny. The bar tender was down at the end of the bar talking to some old farmer looking guy and i started to put the moves on her figuring a woman in a bar this time of day getting loaded had to be open to getting fucked. I was turned sideways to her talking and put my hand on her leg rubbing it and said you want to go outside to my truck. She said something like sugar..your just a boy. She was taking draws on another cigarette but didn't move my hand away and i was getting a bulge in my jeans. Accurately remembering converstions more than 20 years ago are hard but basically i told her does this feel like a boy and took her free hand and put it down on my bulge and she said something are a big boy as she laughed and looked down at my crotch.
I said wanna go outside ? She gave me a look and thought about it and put out her half smoked cigarette in the tray and as i stood up she followed me out. I was parked out back and on the side away from the road because i knew co-workers went this way home too and i didn't like the idea of them knowing where i hung out for some reason.
I had a crew cab Silverado and i unlocked the door and then the back door and she hopped in and slid over as i climbed in next to her.
This woman, i don't even remember her name was no wallflower. I started to kiss her and feel her tits up. Her breath was bad with the beer and smoke taste but i was horny as hell about fucking this woman twice my age that i just met. She had her hand roaming too and before long i had my hands under her t-shirt and was pulling her smaller tits out of her bra to feel them and pinch her nipples. Even though she had small tits she had long nipples and it was easy to squeeze them between my fingers and she loved that. We pulled back from each other and as i undid my belt and was pulling down my jeans to just above my knees she was kicking off her shoes and wriggling out of her jeans and her panties. I do remember they were plain white just like her bra, nothing fancy.
She was real skinny and i remember thinking she must be tight and was going to love my big thick cock in her.
I was sitting back as she finished taking off her jeans but she left her shirt on and leaned down and took my cock in her hand and went down on me. She had a good sized mouth and easily took it all in and really knew what she was doing as i layed back and watched her head go up and down making me rigid as hell. Then she layed back and we moved around so she was layng down on the backseat and i got on top of her and i remember she was more thsn ready for a nice dick. She had raised her own legs and put her hands undr my arms and on my ass as i fucked her. She was kind of bony and not as tight as i thought she would be but it was a good short fuck and she let me cum in her so i was happy and she liked it. We went back in and had another beer and when i left she was still there.
I went back to the same bar a couple weeks later but i had worked some OT so i was there about 7:00 pm and there were more people there at that time. Mostly farmer and factory worker types and some women. That same woman was at the bar and talking to some older guy sitting next to her. He was probably looking for a poke just like i had been. The seat on the other side of her was open and i sat down and ordered a beer and i interrupted there conversation to say hi. She turned and put her arms around me and said something like hey..sugar. She wreaked of smoke and beer and the ashtray in front of her was full. This older guy and i were both talking to her and he seemed frustrated and then turned and talked to another guy. She turned and gave me a look and whispered he wants to get into my
Then she said ..see that girl over there at that table. I said yeah..she said that my daughter. She looked maybe early 30's and had brown hair and was wearing a white kind of cowgirl blouse with red roses on it and jeans. She looked sexier than her mom and had bigger tits and was bigger. Not heavy but maybe 5'6" or so and like 145 maybe. Just kind of solid with nice curves and she was talking with another girl at the table and a guy. She said do you like her? I said something like she looks nice.
Then she said i brought her out for a good time. Thats her friend and husband with her. She just got divorced a few months ago and needs a good fuck. I was like
Just then the guy tht was hitting on her finished his talk with the other guy who was leaving and she said out loud..Jessie..come here and she walked over. The mom introduced me and said Jessie this is and looked at me and i said Derek. She said something like Jessie this is the kind of buy you need to meet and then she turned and told the older guy to move down and Jessie sat down in her seat.
I shook her hand and bought her a couple beers and as we talked i knew she was horny and mom had probably said lets go out and find you as man to have some fun or something like that because she was giving me all the signals as we talked. Maybe 45 minutes passed and we were talking and laughing and when she heard a song come on the juke box she liked she would dance in her chair and stand up and times and move to the music and we were pawing each other some. I said lets get out of here and she finished her beer and was ready to go and i leaned down to her mom as i stood there and whispered in her ear. We will be back in awhile and she gave me a wink.
I took her to a dive motel about 3 miles down the road and fucked her good. She was a better lay there her mom and really into it. The only down side was she wouldn't let me cum inside her so i came once on her stomach and then once when i was doing her doggie stlye i finished off pulling out and spraying it on her ass.
I took her back to the bar about an hour and a half later and before we walked in she was taklking about dating and stuff and so after i left that night i never went back to that bar.
I have one other experience of fucking both mom and daughter many years later and i will post that seperately.
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Good stuff... great mom!
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any luck in your 50's ?
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