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Caught by Future Aunt

Caught / Got Caught Stories

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Default Caught by Future Aunt

My most recent "caught" story reminded me of when I was 19. I was staying with my uncle for a few weeks and he was living with his girlfriend (Patti) who he married a year later. So at that time I was probably jerking alot because I had no girlfriend & was always horny. One morning after my uncle left for work I was in the guest bedroom jerking on the bed when Patti knocked & walked in. I tried covering up but it was too late, she caught me. She insisted I left the door unlocked so she would catch me. I explained she knocked & opened the door at the same time that's why she caught me. Oddly enough none of this made my boner go away so at some point she insisted since I wanted an audience she wasnt leaving. I tried explaining I didnt want an audience but she wasnt having none of that. So I finished jerking while she watched.

Afew days later I was jerking in the shower & I know I locked the door but again she enters. She pulls the curtain back & insistes that I must really want her to watch. I didnt argue this time, just finished myself off. Afew days after that she wakes me in the morning after my uncle left & tells me I need to put some dishes away for her on the upper shelf. Why she woke me I dont know. Anyway I tell her after I dress. But she says "no." She wanted me doing it nude. She said she'd tell my uncle of my jerking off in front of her if I didnt. So I got up & put the dishes away with full morning wood. She then hands me the garbage & tells me to take it out back, still nude. I complain but she threaten again so I do it. Outside she tells me to jerk off now. We are in the backyard. I got kind of a thrill out of it so I did. Never knew if any neighbors saw me.

The next couple of weeks while I stayed there she had me jerking off every few days for her. She never touched me or showed me anything of herself. It was all weird but I was getting off on it.
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nice.. was she decent looking? You should have told her to do the same or you'll tell your uncle about about her perverse ways
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Yeah I got caught by an aunt once too. Not much of a story though. She walked in just as I was finishing myself. She froze for a second then said sorry and closed the door. Neither of us ever mentioned it again. Your story sounds much better.
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Thumbs up hot

Future aunt on a power trip. Good story.
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