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Massage Spa Hunt

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default Massage Spa Hunt

Okay after the "Massage Spa III" story I decided to try some spas on my own to see if I could have some fun. Besides my friend was trying to set something up with her other friend so I had time to kill. Now I must admit I went to a few spas and got nothing but a good massage from them all.

Finally I did hit on one spa that I had a little fun at. I got a good massage from a pretty Mexican girl in her 20's. Afterwards she takes me to a shower room. It's actually a stall that's bigger than you would have in your home but not even big enough for a table. When you walk in the room the shower stall is to the left. The room itself isnt big either. There is no door to the room just a curtain and the shower stall has no closing.

The therapist has me take off my robe and step into the shower stall. She then brings in a large bottle of something she says is a sea-salt body polish. She spreads this thick cream with granules over my body. She rubs it in pretty well almost doing another massage. She doesnt miss a spot which surprises me since she was so professional during the massage keeping me covered. She now has spread it over my dick and rubbed it in there too, which has given me an instant full boner. I think I blushed because she smiled at me and said not to worry it happens all the time. I ask if they have a lot of male clients and she admits not too many. In fact I was her first in over a month.

Now she gets a hand held shower head and starts rinsing me off. After that she grabs the soap and starts soaping me up to get the last of the cream off. As she's scrubbing my ass the curtain opens. In walks another therapist, white with blond hair also in her 20's, and an older white woman in her 40's. The new therapist apologizes but the older woman is staring at my dick. The new therapist now explains that this is the potentially new owner and she was giving her a tour. My therapist is done on my backside and is waiting for them to leave. But the older lady tells her to continue and then asks her what body treatment she has just given me. My therapist tells her as she starts scrubbing my chest. Now the older lady starts asking me questions as my therapist continues to my legs. As I answer I see her keep looking down.

Finally my therapist starts gently soaping my dick but the older woman starts asking her about the spa and expanding the wetroom and stuff. My therapist is now distracted and is absentmindedly giving me a soapy handjob while she answers the older lady. The older lady has taken notice as has the other therapist who stands in the doorway. Finally I cant take it anymore and explode. Now my therapist realizes what she just did and stops and apologizes to everyone. The older lady smiles and just says she should probably leave us alone and finish her tour. She walks out and the other therapist follows but as she closes the curtain she winks at me. My therapist is now blushing and apologizing saying "she just lost her train of thought and forgot what she was doing because if felt so..." She trails off. I add "felt so good?" She smiles and nods. I ask if she can finish because one shot isnt enough. She blushes some more but takes my dick in her hand and strokes it a few more times allowing me to shoot a few more loads.

After she has washed all the soap off I get back in my robe and we walk back to the massage room so I can get dressed. As she starts to leave the other therapist who was giving the tour pops in the door without the older lady. She smiles and says the older lady probably is going to buy the spa and was really impressed that I didnt shy away from all the attention and she really enjoyed her tour.
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Was that suppose to be a straight no-happy ending kind of spa? lol.. Good stuff man, sounds like you have a lot of fun at spas and massage parlors
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Originally Posted by El Suave View Post
Was that suppose to be a straight no-happy ending kind of spa? lol.. Good stuff man, sounds like you have a lot of fun at spas and massage parlors

I thought so going in and she acted like that wasnt suppose to happen. I think she was just suppose to do a quick scrubbing.
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lol lucky you! or lucky therapist...
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