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It pays to be the bartender

Job Related: Co-workers / Masseuse / Nurse / Pool Boy / Maid Stories

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Default It pays to be the bartender

I went to college in Arizona and worked as a bartender at a restaurant my sophomore through senior year. Now, any of you who has worked as a bartender of server know that it is almost impossible to work in the food industry and not hook up with several of your co-workers. That being said, I see this being an ongoing story, but i thought i would start out with one of my wildest adventures working there.

I had a new cocktail waitress that was working with me on wednesday-saturday nights. She had been working there for about a month, but didn't really interact with the rest of us much. She was married and would show up on time, do her job and then leave when she was done. I forgot to mention that she was smokin hot! We would have some conversations, but nothing major. We would always invite her to go out with us after work, but she never took us up on it..... until one night.

We closed down the bar around 10:00 one night, and our normal group was making plans to go out and have a few drinks. I invited the waitress as usual expecting her to turn me down, but she actaully agreed. A few hours and many drinks later, I learned all about how she was in the process of leaving her husband, and how she felt no passion with him anymore, etc...

Around 1:00, we all started to head home. I drove to my house, and when I pulled in my parking lot in the back, and another car followed me in. To my wonderful surprise it was my hot cocktail waitress. She got out her car, walked up to me and started kissing me. I didn't waste anytime getting her into my house and heading to my room. As we got inside, we were already taking our clothes off. she was completely naked by the time we got to my bed and I was almost there. Her body was amazing, and my cock was already fully hard and begging to get out of my pants. She undid my pants and slid them down, letting my hard cock stand straight up at her. she sat me down on the end of my bed and got on her knees. Started stroking my cock and rubbing my balls. then she looked up at me and said "do you want me to suck this or not?" It was basically the first thing she had said since she got there and I could only reply "yeah."

She started licking my cock slowly and rubbing my balls. then she took me in her mouth and moved up and down letting her saliva run all over my hard cock. She would bring me right to the brink of cumming and then slow down and keep me going all the while making eye contact (which is sexy as hell). I don't know how I lasted as long as I did, but after about 10 minutes I couldn't take it any more. I told her I was going to cum and she started sucking hard on the head of my cock and stroking her hand up and down my shaft. When I started to blow, she took me as far in her mouth as she could and took my whole load in her mouth. I felt like the biggest load I had ever blown and she happily swallowed every drop.

I stood her up grabbed her by the waist and set her on my bed. I couldn't wait to get at her pussy. I got on my knees and put my head between her legs. I started licking her pussy. It tasted so good and she was soaking wet. I love getting a girl off, and she came really quick. The bonus was that she was really loud and screamed with every orgasm she had. I kept licking her pussy and sliding my fingers in and out of her for a while and she came a couple of more times. Each time I felt her whole body shake and she would moan and scream.

By now my cock was back to full attention and I wanted to feel the inside of her pussy so bad. She told me "I want to ride your big fucking cock." I laid down on the bed and she straddled me. then she slid my throbbing hard cock into her soaking we pussy. She felt so warm and good. She started slow at first and them built up her rythm. After a couple minutes she was riding me hard and fast and screaming. Then I felt her start to cum again. Oh my God... She sreamed "YES,YES,YES!!!" and I felt her body shaking and her pussy throbbed around my cock.

I rolled her off of me and flipped her over and started fucking her from behind. At this point I was pounding her as hard as I could and we were being so loud, I doubt any of the nighbors were thrilled with me. She came again and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock once more... Wow, this girl was so fucking hot. We switched positions again, and I had her feet up on my shoulders and was fucking her as hard and deep as I could. I felt her cum again, with another scream and that amazing sensation of her pussy clamping around my dick. i couldn't take it any more and I felt my cock getting ready to explode. I said "where do you want me to cum?" She said, "wherevere you want." So I pulled out of her grabbed the back of her head and pulled it up to my cock. She opened wide and I shot huge streams of cum in her mouth and all over her chin. She moaned and looked me right in the eyes as she licked up all my cum and swallowed it again.

We ended up fucking again that night and at about 6:00am we were both completely exhausted and she headed out the door.

We had a few more encounters that I will tell you about later. To this day, she gave me the best blowjob I have ever had. Plus, I have never been with a girl that cums as hard as she did. It was absolutely amazing and I will remember every detail of it for a long, long time.
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Sounds like one hot sex lady. Lucky man
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Very hot, bartending sounds like a great job! How was she physically? I imagined her a brunette with brown eyes.. lol
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Actually, she was blonde with blue eyes... nice tight body and perky tits around small C size. AAAHHHH,
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