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Massage Spa

CFNM Stories (Clothed Female Naked Male)

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Default Massage Spa

Just went to a Spa with a girl I know. She had something like a buy one get half off coupon. We both got something called a Lomi Lomi massage followed by a red algae wrap. We did this separately so we didn't see each other until we were done.

We get there and they take us to separate areas. In the massage room the girl tells me to get undressed and my therapist will be in shortly. I get naked and lie on the table covering myself with the towel. The therapist comes in. She's American, in her 20's, long dark hair and good looking. She takes the towel and folds it a few times so it just barely covers my ass. She explains with Lomi Lomi massage she does long strokes up and down the whole body at once.

She starts the massage and she uses sweeping motions that go from my shoulder all the way down to my leg and back up. As she's doing this I feel her keep bumping the towel. After maybe ten minutes she asks if she can remove it because it does get in the way with this massage. I'm embarrassed but agree. The massage is very good and professional but I still get semi-hard and am pretty sure she can see my penis between my legs.

When I turn over she places the towel back and refolds it to a square barely covering my package. She starts her massage again with the long sweeping strokes. This time when she bumps the towel by growing erection throws it off balance and it just slides off. She asks if she can leave it off. Again I'm embarressed but agree. She does a great professional massage without ever touching my erection (although I did see her glance at it a few times).

Now it's time for the wrap. The therapist hands me the towel and leads me to a big shower-like room with a table in the middle. She has me lay down after taking my towel off. She then tells me she'll get the body wrap girl. (Wonderful 2 girls seeing me naked). In walks an asian in her 20's and she starts applying this red goop to my backside even getting it in my ass crack (not the best feeling). Then she has me turn over and starts applying to my front side. Now I'm mostly hard but she pays no attention until she starts applying it to my penis. She's been applying this with her bare hands so it's almost like a handjob. After she's done she wraps me in a sheet and I lie there for a while.

When she comes back in she unwraps me and gets me off the table. She takes me to the corner where they have a hand held shower thing and she starts washing the stuff off. After it's off she starts soaping me up. Backside first. Really getting every nook and crany. Then she turns me around and starts soaping my front. I'm already rock hard before she even gets to my penis. Now she starts soaping my throbbing penis. She cleans the head, the shaft, the balls and even reaches between my legs getting my ass again. She seems to work the penis and balls a little longer than anything else (maybe my imagination) and suddenly I explode. She stops and I apologize (this is a legit Spa and they deal mostly with women, probably 70% of their clients). She smiles and says it happens. She starts rubbing my penis more and I shoot another two loads and now it seems she just milks it to get everything out. After she washes the soap off and drys me she gives me a towel and bringing me back to the massage room to get dressed.

I never mention it to my friend. She did ask if I was naked the whole time and if I was embarrassed because she was. I admitted to that but that's it.
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wow... sounds like a place I would enjoy!
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