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Hi, I'm new here
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Default Milf

THIS was my first true sex story and also my first sex.

Now i would like to share some of the incidents regarding MILF. I lived in an apartment which contains ** houses. There i had 6 MILF. I will tell one by one.

My opposite house aunty just 30yrs old. Mother of two childs one 8 yrs and other 2 yrs. She always wear slwar and kameez. She had a good masculian body structure.

I used to watch her daily. As soon as she return from wrok she used to change her dress. Her naughty child will run in and out so there main dood will be always open. This made me easy for watching her changing clothes. She will remove her pant first and then the top and wear a nighty some days she will just remove her pant work as it is. I used to watch this from my house.
I enter her house many time when she changes dress as if i went to play with her child. But all the time i used to see her half naked. Either with bra or with the top and bottom left open. I never had a chance for seeng her full naked. But i enjoyed her watching half naked which gave me more kick and eagerness to fuck her. Many times i enter her home she will be half naked and suddenly wear any dress. I will say sorry just for formality. Day by day she become every close to me and we shared our thoughts in all aspects very cloesly.
I was waiting for a chance to fuck her. I also tried to create chances for fucking here. One day she was sweeping her house wearing only the tops. So i planned and chased her child , it ran went in between her thighs. I acted as if cathing the child and did all mischieves. I touched her thigh, i swiped my hand all over her body as if i am playing with the child. She lifted the child so i tried to grab the child from her hand and in that time pressed here boob hardly. She doesnt bother and she also played with me like saving the child . This made my cock cumming and so i decided to fuck her for sure the next chance.
She treated me as her best friend and shared all things to me. I asked her about periods and she explained it. In addition to that she told all about sex and child birth. I sat very close to her with tight contact of thighs and listening to her. My cock was tearing my shorts but i some how hide that from her. At last she said that you will learn all this after marriage, and tell me now can you do me a help. I asked her in eager what help. She said my hubby is out of station so tonight can u stay in my home just for safety as i feel afraid to stay alone in night.
I was very happy thinking that i got a chance and went to her house in the night.
She asked me to lie on the sofa and she laid with her child in the bed.
The naughty child again helped me. It cried that it want to sleep along with me. The sofa was too small to accomadate the child. So she called me to come and lie in the bed. I said i cant come with the intention of going there. She forced me to come there as the child was crying.
I went and laid there i just cant imagine me and her i nt the same bed.

The child slept she was in nighty i acted as if i am sleeping and put my leg on her thigh she just hold my thigh and adjusted my leg on her in a comfortable position. My cock became hard. Then i throwed my hand on her boob. She just pinched my cheek and kissed on my head. I got tempered and confirmed that she is ready for fucking by seeing her activites. So as the next step i hit my hard cock on her stomach just to show that i am in full mood. But suddenly she moved my hand and leg away from her body and got up.
I got shocked and still i did not open my eyes. My cock loose its hardness. She just waked me up and asked to just piss of and come. I did and came agin we laid in the same bed but this time i was not able to try once again to fuck her. Because i dont know why she hesitated that situation may be i mistook her or she not interested in this.
Any reason that may be i cant apporach her once again in this feel so i started continuing my old activities just as her friend till date. I dont know whether its right or wrong.

5 more MILF i am having each in seperate story
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El Suave
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you were so close man.. at least you got to feel her boobs
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try and try and try till u succeed hehehe

ask about her period again... Before our period, WE GET REALLY HORNY!!! so shoot... wait for that right time!!!
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Keep trying, she might give in eventually. Unless of course, she is a cock-tease and just leads you on.
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