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Best friend's little sister

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Default Best friend's little sister

I had known Michelle from the time she was about 8 years old - she was just 2 years younger than us. Over the years I regarded her more as a pain in the arse than anything else - I guess like everyone who has an annoying little sister. She was always pissing us off, getting us into trouble, and generally just stirring shit. Eventually we grew to just tolerate each other, although we did remain friends, but no more than that. I guess had it not been for her brother (who will remain nameless) we would not have had much to do with each other.

Over the years, even as my hormones started to stir, I didn't really notice her much, nor did I pay her any more attention than usual, although she had some very hot friends who she used to dance and do gymnastics with. As she got older, she did spend more time with us etc, but it was all harmless and more for company and/or to get a lift here and there than for anything else.

Once she turned ** things changed in a big way - she started to get very curvy, tall, and grew some mouth watering perky and full B-cup titties, all on top of her gymnast's sexy body. She would flirt with me as much as I would flirt with her everytime we were around each other - how noticeable it was I don't really know. It was pretty harmless and innocent since we both knew nothing could ever happen between us, and to be quite honest I never really thought about it more than that. I would always try and steal a peek down her top, but as she was usually in tight gymnast gear, all her feminie attributes were quite visible and really didn't leave much to the imagination. Her mother, being a strict catholic, would always get upset at her for being so uncovered in front of us boys. On such days, she would usually go to her bedroom to get changed in to a string bikini, parade past us, and hop in their pool just to upset her mother some more. I'm not sure if she knew how see-through that bikini became once wet, but as her parents never swam with us, they never really noticed. Having someone in the pool would always got the rest of us in the pool as well. It was always a matter of splashing each other etc, and it usually got pretty loud and out of control especially if her sexy girlfriends were there too.

One hot summer's night Michelle, now just 18, her brother, and I all went for a swim in the pool. We played around but remained as quiet as possible to not upset anyone as it was getting quite late. My friend eventually decided to get out and go have a shower as he was expecting a phone call from his girlfriend. As Michelle had teased me all day, "rubbed" past me a few too many times during the day, and had a few encounters with my now-hardening member in the dark pool, I decided to take a chance. I went towards her and grabbed her hand, she immediately pulled away, but I grabbed her back telling her to be quiet and to trust me. I had pulled the front of my shorts open with my spare hand so I just put her hand down the front of my shorts to my cock. Her eyes grew wide open as she tensed and pulled her hand out and asked me what I was doing. I grabbed her hand back and yet again put it back down the front of my shorts telling her to have a feel and enjoy it as she had tried to feel me all day long. She relaxed and smiled commenting that I must have noticed her after all while she started to stroke me up and down gently. By this stage the riskiness of it all had it's effect on me and I was hard as a rock in her hand. I was enjoying her hand, but quickly slid my own hand down into her swimmer bottoms and felt her hairy little clit and pussy. I wasted no time in rubbing her and managed to slide a finger in between her puffy pussy lips. She bit her lower lip and rested her head on my shoulder as she quietly shuddered into orgasm. She then told me to stop as we were likely to go too far and get caught so we made plans for the next day. I went home and wanked like mad over our pool adventure. The next day she told me how she had gotten herself off under a hot shower with the shower-head and continued in bed until she wore herself out. The good little girl I had expected her to be sounded like a wild little sex machine!

Anyway the next day I went back to my friend's house and acted cool all day as if nothing had happened. Michelle, on the other hand, was teasing me relentlessly which was very hard to ignore and resist, but I managed to survive. As we both liked dance music, we went to her bedroom to "listen" to some new album she had bought. We then left to my place saying we were going to the shops to buy another new album which was out. The drive seemed to take forever. As I locked my front door behind us, we were at each other, finally being able to touch and kiss each other without risk of getting caught. Our tongues darted in and out of our mouths and just about ended up tied in a knot. This girl was wild! I soon led her to my bathroom where I undressed her and stood back to admire her sexiness. WOW, I had never imagined how good she really looked. She was tight all over, her titties were proud and delicious, her stomach was flat and her muscles were the perfect six-pack. She had totally shaved her pussy bald for me too. Her arse was just as tight, round and the gap between her legs made her pussy look like it was made to be eaten and fucked relentlessly. We hopped in the hot shower and started kissing again, all the while exploring each other's body. She stroked me to full hardness and I had her orgasm twice before we decided to dry off and go to bed. There she sat on the edge of the bed and proceeded to give me the best blowjob I had ever had (at that stage in my life anyway). I quickly blew down her throat, on her chin and basicly all over her tits and stomach. We got into a 69 and she started sucking me until I was hard and at boiling point again, boy could this girl suck cock! She came all over my face and told me to turn around to face her so she could taste herself on my face and tongue. Who was I to argue? She quickly sucked on my tongue and then rolled on top of me easing her titties into my mouth, rubbing my cum back on to my face and making me lick her upper body clean. By the time I realised I was eating my own cum it was too late as I was too busy sucking her glorious nipples for all I was worth. She reached back, grabbed my cock and ever so slowly lowered her steaming hot pussy on to me. She could only take me halfway, and it took her quite a few strokes up and down for her to finally sink all the way down - I was only her second fuck which explained why her little pussy was so heavenly tight. She rocked up and down, back and forth like she had been fucking for years. I made the most of it and pinched, twisted, and sucked her tits while grabbing her arse. I even managed to stick a well lubed finger up her arse which pretty much stayed there for the entire session, no matter which position we were in. We swapped positions over and over again. I was too happy to teach her what I knew back then and she was very eager to learn and to please. To this day I can still remember how her pussy felt wrapped so tightly around my cock. All in all, she would have had about a dozen orgasms and I came in her four times. We fucked for about three hours (making it very painful to take a piss for the next few days), until her mobile phone rang and her very concerned mother was wanting to know where we were.

That pretty much ended our beautiful afternoon but every time we would look at each other from that day on, we knew exactly what we wanted, which was never to happen again - unfortunately.
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VERY hot story Did the brother ever know?
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Oh he just had to know about it somehow or suspect it

Damn hot story.
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just got out of the shower room damn hahaha i think I'm gonna be late for my work... hahaha nice story
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Wink memories

I got to fuck my wife's younger sister. ONCE. She asked my wife for permission. It was a week before she got married. Great story. It brought back good memories.
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