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Default Step-Sister

Before anyone comments let me explain. My father remarried when I was **. He married a woman who had an 18 year old daughter. We spent about a year together and never felt like real brother and sister and our parents never went thru any adoption stuff. She then went away to college. Our parents turned her room into a gym room, when I went away they turned mine into a den.

A year later during the summer she spent most of her time traveling and staying with friends. Near the end of summer she ran out of friends to crash with. So she comes home. Our parents are like well we have no where for you to stay but she was broke and they couldn't turn her out. So they decide she can stay with me in my room, smart putting two teens who aren't related together. Neither of us are happy. She's 19 and I'm 18. Nothing we can do tho.

At night she wants the bed but I'm not sleeping on the floor in my own room. Then she's like "we can share", it was a big bed. I'm not into sharing so I'm like "ok but I sleep naked". She frowns and takes her pillow and a sheet and curls up on the floor. I strip and get in bed, dont think she saw anything.
The next night she's like "I cant sleep on the floor again". So I strip in front of her and get in bed. I tell her to do what she wants. She strips to her underwear and gets in bed. I was surprised and turned on to see her in her underwear. During the night I woke once and found my hand on her breast. She never knew.

The next night we sleep together again and when we wake in the morning my hand is again on her breast. This time she knocks it off and calls me a perv. She then yanks the covers back exposing my full hard cock, morning wood. She's seen me naked but not even near hard before. She slaps my dick, not too hard, and says next time I touch her she slaps harder.
Next night I kept to my side of the bed. When I woke she had the covers off and was staring at my morning wood. She says nothing, just gets out of bed to go take a shower. She was wearing a thong for the first time and I'm now thinking how I want to just grab her ass.

So the next night when I strip I'm semihard thinking of her thong. She watches me get in bed then strips to her underwear, hesitates and then takes that off too. Wow! I now have a full boner. She gets in bed then reaches over and puts her hand around my throbbing cock. She asks if I'm any good with it. I'm confused. She laughs and starts giving me a handjob which quickly turns into a blowjob. Then she wants to get in the 69 position. After a little of this I blow my load all over her face as she was on the bottom.

Morning arrives and I wake to her sitting on my stomach. She reaches behind herself, grabs my morning wood, lifts her ass alittle and slides my cock in her pussy. She does all the work and I cum way to quick and inside her. Luckily she never got pregnant.

We spent the next few nights and mornings fucking in evey position we could think. I had cum everwhere on her, her ass, her pussy, her breasts, her stomach, her face, in her mouth and she swallowed and in her pussy. The only thing we never did was anal.

After I went away to college we really hardly ever saw each other again. It was never weird because we never thought of ourselves as brother & sister even though out parents called us that. Our parents never found out.
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mmm very nice experience indeed well done sorting her out
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well done indeed! very hot
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well ill do the same if i have a so-called-step-brother hehehe totally unrelated to one another!!! ill suck him every freaking night and feel his hard knockin cock inside me hahaha i'll do the work of course... love being on top
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