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Outdoors - we call it dogging

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Default Outdoors - we call it dogging

There is a game that we play in the UK called dogging (Google it - there are even websites listing places people go to do it).

Basically, a couple (usually) go in their car to a spot and sit. The girl usually gives the guy oral, and then total strangers come and watch. Sometimes she lets them see her breasts out, sometimes touch them, sometimes see her pussy, sometimes touch it, and sometimes far more. It all depends on the girl and the mood.

I met a girl in a chatroom last summer. She was mid-30s and married, I am early 50s and married but dirty-minded. The chat was not about sex at all but it turned that way, and I made a comment about dogging.

After a bit of embarrassed chat it turned out to be a fantasy of hers that she had had for some time, but her husband would never ever do anything like it. The girl had never had sex with anyone apart from husband since marriage, and some time before it.

So I suggested that we meet for coffee, and chat about it. That got a flat rejection and shortly after it she disconnected.

A few days later - there is an email waiting for me from her apologising for being rude and saying coffee might be ok, just to meet and chat about this fantasy, no more than that. So of course, I agreed.

We met in Starbucks - it is easy to be anonymous in a crowd! We chatted about everything except dogging for a while, then she led round to our previous conversation. So I explained that I had taken a gf I had dogging three or four times, knew where to go and so on.

She quizzed me in detail about what happened - and I said (as I said above) anything from a guy standing outside the car watching you stroke and suck me, through every variation up to having (safe) sex. She whispered questions round and round, and was clearly very turned on by it.

I said it was always the girl's option what exactly happened. If she liked a guy, letting him see or touch or finger or oral her, or even have her was all at her choice. But that she needed to have confidence in the guy she was with and an agreed signal as to when to stop things, or let things go further. Then she suddenly 'had to go' and almost ran out of the place - getting a couple of looks on the way due to the speed of her exit. I knew I had blown it then.

Total silence then, no emails, no online chats, for over two weeks!

Then one afternoon there was an email asking if I was going to be in chat soon - I replied and was in chat in a couple of minutes (I work from my home office so it was easy).

We chatted and she was honest now, admitted that she was hugely turned on by the idea and terrified of it. Then "would you take me dogging John?" I asked her to think about bits of this, then agreed, but made it clear there was a price and at least I got a total BJ, but ideally far more out of it. She agreed in a heartbeat.

So the next night I met her at a street corner not far from her house and drove her to a large car park which is used for dogging - with nice sea views. We sat there, she was terrified and dressed as I had suggested - blouse with front buttons, bra, shortish skirt, panties and no tights. She had also brought paper towel and baby wipes (just in case) and condoms (again, just in case - though she swore she couldnt have sex with a stranger).

We sat and there were two other cars there, plus a couple of guys wandering 'innocently'. I said she had to do something before we would attract attention so she unzipped me (that got a reaction from me lol) and started stroking, making nice comments on my size!!!

After a few minutes, as I lay back a bit, we spotted that one guy had realised we were players. I said a bit of oral would make it quite clear, and after a bit of hesitation she went down towards me - I pushed her head a bit to start her, and she wasn't that experienced, but she sucked me fine.

This guy wandered closer and I flashed my headlights to indicate it was Ok to come right over. He stood watching as she sucked away.

I told her to sit up and stroke me now, which she did. I then undid her top and pulled her blouse wide, she was gripping my dick so hard I thought it may break! I got her to pop her bra, far easier than me doing it. She did and I popped her bra up and pulled it up and showed her lovely small breasts to the guy.

She kept stroking me and was hugely excited. So I whispered "want me to open the window so he can feel them?" and she agreed immediately. No hesitation.

So - the window was opened and the guy reached in with one hand (his other hand was working himself just below window level). He explored her breasts, while I pulled her panties down and then off. She slipped a bit down in the seat then, and I pulled her skirt up for the guy to see. I started to finger her, and she was still stroking me some too.

Then I whispered "Do you want him to finger you?" - she nodded.

So I unlocked the central locking and said to open the door and take over the fingering. He did so and after a minute or two he asked if he could eat her some. She nodded and turned her legs out of the car for him. By now, I was hugely turned on but getting nothing as she concentrated on the other guy, but that was ok too!

He ate her out - she exploded and bit her hand as she came - and he kept going firing her into another one!

After she came again, I said the least she could do was suck him off, and she did, sitting back in the car now, sucking him as he leaned in, and letting me finger her soaking, burning pussy.

After he came off (the purpose of towels and babywipes now obvious) he thanked her a lot, explored her all over one more time with his hands, and wandered off.

I asked her if she wanted another guy but she was trembling and excited but said no. That was enough. So I said that I would drive her somewhere quiet now and that it was our turn - wondering if I was going to get anywhere or not.

I didn't need to worry. When we got to the spot I knew, I opened her stuff up and undid myself. I decided to work on the "no" principle - I wold assume what was going to happen unless she said not to.

I was on top of her and inside her inside two minutes, and had one of the wildest, most uninhibited sex sessions! It was amazing - this shy, married lady was a total slut when fired up! But I gave as good as I got. Oh - and the condoms were not brought into play!

After wards, we sat cuddling, holding hands, while she kept saying thankyou, thankyou! I said it was my pleasure.

As we drove back, she just about had me drive off the road in surprise when she said "Was that just one time or are you taking me back there again?". It was MY choice? I said I would take her back if she wanted, and as often as she wanted, and encourage her to do more with guys is she wanted - but the price was always the same as she had paid tonight. I remember her saying "oh that's ok then" to that!

So we went back a few times, maybe four or five more times. She progressed some nights to having (safe) sex with a stranger, or some nights to just letting them watch us do simple stuff. She seemed to enjoy holding a stranger's hand while I fingered her off, and then sucking him after it. But she did a lot more some nights too. Her best was two total strangers having sex with her before I got my 'payment'.

Then I got an email saying that she didn't want to do it any more. No warning, just that.

We still chat on MSN and by email, but haven't met since that decision.

I know the guys loved it, and loved her. One guy that she let have her was a friend of mine I set up (without her knowing) and he rated her a damn good lay! And so did I.

So Fiona, if you're reading this - Mike is my mate! And he is asking how you are lol.
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Sounds very hot and horny, I must have a go at this
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that's some wild stuff.. I hope your friend Mike is returning the favor every now and then by bringing a girl to the spot! Good stuff man
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Thumbs up outdoors - we call it dogging

Mmmmmm.... I think I would rather enjoy such adventures!
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I really have to do this sometime, anyone willing?!?
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Originally Posted by niceandspicy View Post
I really have to do this sometime, anyone willing?!?
I can recommend various places to go lol
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I learned something tonight... Dogging hahaha
but I got to be careful I don't want to be set up lol
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Default Wow

Wow what a great experience! I went to a dogging place once but think it was a gay one! It was just to see what it was Like! Keep posting x
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