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Beth flys

Mature Women / Cougars / MILF Stories (Written By MEN)

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Default Beth flys

I continued to answer questions from the audience of women, all members of the ‘99’s’. I was the guest speaker at their monthly meeting in the Bay area. The ‘99’s’ are a group of women pilots, founded by Amelia Earhart and now an international organization. I was the director of The Flying Boat Museum, in Oakland, California. I was constantly being distracted from my speech by the very lithe and attractive woman in the middle row who had a large, pink, floppy hat on and was paying rapt attention to every word I said. As I was stepping down from the podium, she approached me and asked if I had a moment to talk with her. Of course I did. We stood there as all the other women were leaving to adjourn to the next room for refreshments, and she peppered me with very specific questions about the museum and the aircraft. As we chatted, I gave her the once over. She was average height, ash blonde hair hanging down from under the pink hat, a warm smile, great skin tone, somewhat thin upper lip with a full lower lip and a pinkish lipstick, a flowery print sun dress held up with straps, with a flowing wide skirt, slender arms, tight waist, and looking down, red high heels. I guessed her to be about 35ish. Her name was Beth. As we chatted, she slid her arm into mine and directed us to the next room. I thought she was very engaging, attractive, and allowed her to direct me. She worked for Bell Telephone and had been a Telecom Sr.Specialist for many years and could retire in 5. She was only 49. Among her hobbies, was a passion for flying. She owned her own plane, a Cessna 172 and was an avid beachgoer, dancer, among other great things. She was a charmer. By the time the meeting was over, it was early evening and the sun was setting in a routine California sunset and she had invited me out for a drink with her. Enthusiastically, I agreed immediately. I was to follow her. Her red Mustang bore the license plate “BETH FLYS”.
As I followed her, I knew this was not the way to any place offering drinks. She stopped, got out of her car, came over to mine and said, “Just park in the drive” returned to her car before I had a chance to say a word. I did as she said, and she came up to me as I was getting out of the car, took my hand, and said, “C’mon.” I was a little perplexed. It appeared that we were in a private complex. So we were, as I was led into the foyer that was her townhouse. She turned as I entered, took off her floppy hat, walked up to me, and said, “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right down.”

As I surveyed the surroundings I knew that this lady was well off. I sat down on the couch. A few minutes later, I heard Beth come down stairs and then into another room. I could hear the click of her heels on a tile floor. I looked up, and she was in front of me, handing me a glass and placing a bottle of wine on a coffee table. She was wearing cutoff jean shorts, a white tee shirt, and her red heels. I hadn’t noticed her perfectly manicured nails before with the ruby red polish. She was really pretty. She had chiseled facial features like Katherine Hepburn. High cheek bones, a perky little nose, and a really slender frame. Her red bra, showed through her tee shirt. She was probably a 32A or B.

She curled up next to me on the couch with her legs tucked under her, and sipped some wine. I reached over took her glass from her, set it on the table and asked her to stand up. She did, and I turned her facing me. I reached up to unbutton her shorts. As I did, she said to me, “Do you always take control?” I had unbuttoned her shorts and was sliding them down her thighs revealing her red bikini panties, as I replied, “No, only when I’m seduced.” She chuckled as I placed my hands on her tight little ass and drew her to my face. She quickly put both of her hands on the back of the couch to keep from tumbling into me. I put my face to her crotch and inhaled the musky scent of a woman in heat. I gazed at her crotch and realized that wild hairs were sticking out of the sides. I reached up and started to slip her panties off of her and push them down. She was definitely on the skinny side as her pelvis started to back away from me. Without a word, she reached down and slid her panties down and off. Her pussy hair was a small patch of wild, long, light brown and never trimmed hair. I again grabbed her little tight ass and drew it to my face. As I rubbed my face into her patch of hair she moaned and ground her pussy into me. I was savoring the sensation and started to flick my tongue between her pussy lips. She moaned with absolute pleasure. I really got into licking, sucking, probing and tasting her pussy juices which became a fountain of delight. She was still balancing herself on the back of the couch when she let out a guttural moan and grabbed my head with one hand and shoved it into her pussy. There is absolutely nothing in this world to me, better than having your face in a wet succulent pussy. She was moaning quite loudly and urging me on with her words of “yes, yes, oh God, don’t stop”. I didn’t. She exploded a stream of her pussy juice and I lapped up and drank all I could as she enjoyed her orgasm. She crumbled on to me, and I had to maneuver out from under her and allow her to recline on the couch. I stood up to take my pants down and as she sprawled in front of me with her legs splayed out, she saw my hard cock. “Ohhh, come here, and put that beautiful cock in me and make me cum again.” I kicked my shoes, socks, and pants off, and positioned myself between her legs. I guided my cock to her pussy opening and slipped the head just a bit into her. She was wet and ready. I slipped my cock into her and slid in to my balls. Our pubic hair was melding together. She spread her legs as far as she could and I began a rhythm of slow, methodical in and out. I reached up to feel her tits that I had never seen or touched yet, and got confirmation of my thinking. Her small red bra was containing maybe 32A’s or slightly larger. Not the size one hopes for, but they're all great. Her head was moving from side to side in the throws of passion. This was a good thing. Going as slowly as I was, I knew I could prolong this for 15-20 minutes to give her great satisfaction before I had to cum. Oops. This was not to be. The more she expressed her lust, with her moans, the quicker I got to the point of no return. In the next 4-5 strokes I knew I would cum. I wanted to be a considerate lover, so as the pressure built up the length of my cock, I grunted, pulled out of her and shot my 2-3 spurts of cum on her hairy, but soaked, pussy. She reached down and rubbed my cum all over her hairy pussy and thighs and brought her hand to her mouth to taste my cum. Sweating a little, I sat down on to the floor in front of her. We were catching our breath. Five or 10 minutes later, she sat up, took off her tee shirt, un-snapped her bra and knelt down to me. Looking intently at my now, flaccid cock, with one hand she started to fondle it and with the other tweaking one of her nipples.I was right, certainly 32A’s but really large areolas and really stiff, pink nipples. I pulled my own tee shirt over my head, started to caress her back as she knelt over me and began to kiss, lick, and get the head to her mouth. She licked her lips, and engulfed the head with her moist lips and then slid as much as she could get into her mouth. It was starting to bring my cock back to life. Semi-stiff, she sucked on me for 10 minutes. She abruptly stopped sucking me. I looked down at her from laying on my back, and she was smiling. With one hand, lightly jacking my now stiff cock, she exclaimed, “We’re going to be fantastic lovers.” Then she crawled over to me and kissed me. That was our first kiss. We rolled our tongues around each others mouth, exploring, tasting, and enjoying the passion. We talked well into the evening. We didn’t need to have more sex yet, as we had already done that, so we got to know each other. As the weeks went by, and indeed we were lovers, she decided to take me for a secluded weekend getaway. Excitedly we drove up the PCH to Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County, and stayed at a rustic Motel on the cliff side. We drank local wines, grabbed food from the local vendors, and even took a scenic ride on The Skunk Train. We made love in the shower, in bed, on a picnic table, and in the woods. On the drive to and from we learned everything there was to learn about each other, so I thought. One of her fantasies was to make love in public on a nude beach. I made discreet inquiries and learned of one just south of Half Moon Bay. On a bright sunny Sunday, we drove over. It was quite a long trail from the top of the cliffs to the bottom. We carried a cooler, a pair of blankets, and a beach bag. As we approached the sandy beach area, we noticed that there were apparently ‘blinds’ built of driftwood in angles to block some of the very strong wind and appeared to have people in some of them. Talk about being naļve! Much to our astonishment, they were being used by gay men. No matter. We took off our clothes and spread out on a sandy beach. It was really a gusting wind. Beth was on her stomach, her hair blowing wildly, and I was on my back in the same direction. As we got accustomed to the warm sun, cooler wind, I snuck my hand under her and stuck my finger into her cunt. She squirmed a little and raised her ass up a few inches to give me access. I played with her hair, toyed with her pussy lips and asked her if this filled her fantasy. Not quite she told me. I was about to question her when I saw this woman descending the trail. She walked close to us, and said hello. We responded in kind. She put her towel down just a few feet from us. Then she turned her back to us and peeled off her top and shorts, and was standing there gloriously naked. She had a tan, all over that I could see from her backside. Beth had been watching her also. As this gal turned to lay down on her towel, I let out a slight moan. She had big tits, 34 or 36D’s, flat stomach, and one helluva well trimmed, black hairy pussy. Probably in her late 30’s with a great body. Beth looked at me, saw my cock stirring, and wanted to know if I’d like to eat that pussy. Is the Pope Catholic? Beth dared me to go over and just start eating that pussy. I figured the worse that could happen is she’d hit me. Certainly there were no men around to defend her, at least not in range of us. I smirked at Beth, summoned up all my courage and said, “Watch me”.
I stood up, walked the three feet over to this tanned body. I stood there watching her. Her eyes were closed, arms at her sides. I knelt down, and with both hands, started to part her legs. Startled, she opened her eyes, lifted her head, saw me, raised herself on her elbows and at the same time, opened her legs. If ever there was an invitation, that was it. I lowered my head to her black thatch of hair and kissed her pussy. I looked up to her face and saw this expression of ‘well?’ So I started eating her pussy. My God she tasted so good. I rubbed my chin in her hair, nuzzled my nose in it, reached up with both hands and spread her pussy lips, saw this magnificent pink, and stuck my tongue in her. I was sucking her clit and pushing my tongue in and out of this luscious cunt and she was starting to moan and whimper. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my balls and cock. I was hard as a rock. Beth had crawled over and was fondling me from behind. Beth was goading me on with words. “Go baby, eat her hairy cunt, you know you love it. Suck her clit, make her cum, and then fuck her.” I was lapping this hairy cunt like it was the last I would ever get. I reached up to play with her enormous tits, she laid her head down, tweaked her nipples, and she grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy and screamed. My face was drenched with her pussy juice. I looked down between her legs and I could see Beth fingering her pussy while she played with my cock and balls. I lifted my head back up, and this gal said, “Fuck me now!”
I raised myself up and shoved my hard cock into her steaming, wet, gaping, pussy. I sunk into her up to my balls. She grunted, groaned, and met my every thrust with her own. “Cum in me, you mother fucker. Shove your cock into my hot hole.” I shot my cum into her with three bursts. Beth was yelling at me. “Fuck her baby, shoot that great cum into her hot pussy. Let her have it.” I did and this gal wrapped her legs around me and was crying, “Oh yes, I needed your cum, you mother fucker, yeah, give it to me.” I was sweating like a pig and the cool wind was giving me chills. I sat up as best I could, and Beth moved around me, and went right down on this gals pussy. I couldn’t believe it. She was licking, slurping, and getting as much of my cum from this pussy as she could get in her mouth. The gal was loving it. “Oh yes, eat his cum from my pussy, do it, I’m gonna cum for you, ooohh, yes, here it comes.” Beth drank every drop. She was bent over the pussy at a right angle and I could see her tiny tits jiggling as she ate her and I’d never seen her nipples so hard and elongated. I was spent, surprised, and could not believe what had just happened. Beth ate her pussy and then licked and nuzzled it until they were both satiated. Beth sat up on her haunches, kissed the pussy, her stomach, sucked on a nipple, and bent over and kissed her on the mouth, then with a sigh, stood up, and came over to our towel and laid down on her back. I was stunned. Beth never mentioned a word of this fantasy to me among all the others we’d shared. I was sitting on my ass with my legs bent up with my feet on the sand just staring at this gals body and right at her pussy. She was catching her breath. In a moment, she raised herself up, staring at my semi flacid cock on her elbows and asked if we come here often. I told her it was our first time. She said she’d be here next Sunday and looked forward to being with us. A short time later, Beth and I left. We didn’t say a word on the drive home. When we got to her house, she let me know how appreciative she was that I shared one of her fantasies and told me there were more, was I up for it. We agreed to go back next Sunday. We never knew the gals name.
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wow... that's a heck of a story! Very well written, very hot... definitely one to put in the memoirs
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Cracking stuff, and you went back for more?
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i'm learning! Great story
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HOTTTTT! Great stuff. Keep it cummin, PLEASE!
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Default Bravo

Cudos...very erotic
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